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Post  Sonic on Fri Jun 20, 2008 2:09 pm

Ready to Join

Welcome to the Ready to Join section. In this section, you can sign up and application which will enable you to start playing! If your accepted, your new information will be put into the biographies page, where you can view it when you please to. If you have just registered, this is the place to go. But make sure you have fully read the rules, FAQs, and also the Help and How to Play section first. Now, let me breifly explain what you have to insert in each of the fields in the application below. The fields will also have statements of what you briefly insert in that field, but this will explain it easier. In the formation field you need to type either Speed, Power, or Fly. Choose this carefully, as it is very important and plays a big part in the RPG. To find out how the different formations effect you, read it in the How to Play section. In the name section, you need to inplace a name for your character, make this a single name like James. Not something like Kkarren123. Oh, and no surname! You'll find out why later. In the species field, you must think of what species your character to be. So if you were a Hedgehog, and your name was Sonic, you would be known as Sonic the Hedgehog. If your name was James and you were a Rhino, you would be called James the Rhino. Understand? Some characters have surnames instead of species, like Amy Rose or Miles "Tails" Prower. So if you'd like, you can insert a surname in that field inside, but if you do, please put after it; (surname) so that we know. Gender is simply the gender of your character, either male or female. In the class field you insert your character's class, you can find out a list of classes in the How to Play section. This is also very important. Now, the part which you must probably work on the most, is the role play example field. We only want members who at least have knowledge of role-playing. So try your best in this field. The role play can be based on anything at all. Okay for the character field, you need to insert a sprite of your character. Make your own sprite so if you were called James the Rhino, you would obviously do a sprite of a sonic based character but looking like a rhino. In the 'Where did you hear about us' field you need to insert how did you find out about us. A search engine? If so, which one? A player? If so, state his name. Or mayeb some other way. Remember that, for ever player you recommend to Sonic Heroes and they state your name you earn 250 Rings.

Name: (Your character's name)
Character: (A sprite of your character)
Gender: (Your character's gender, either male or female)
Class: (Your character's class, which will determine what you can do)
Formation: (Your character's formation, either Speed, Power, or Fly)
Species: (Your character's species, or surname)
Where did you hear about us: (Where did you hear about us?)
Role Play Example: (A brief role play example)

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