Aplication For Sonic Heroes

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Aplication For Sonic Heroes

Post  Tiraze The Hedgehog on Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:06 am

Name: Tiraze
Character: http://sonic-heroes.rpg-boards.com/profile.forum?mode=editprofile&page_profil=avatars copy it and i think go and see
Gender My Hedgehog is Male me playing him is female
Class: Sonic Heroes
Formation: Speed
Species: Hedgehog
Where did you hear about us: Yahoo Ansers
Role Play Example: My Strogest attack can knock you out for hours but it hurts me as my energy hasto be fully charged and whn i go ito super form i can use Chaos Beam and Super Speed Knockout they are strong and take half my energy away.In Hyper Form i can use Chaos Wipeout and Hyper Speed Blow so im strong and speedy.So Stay out of my way!
Tiraze The Hedgehog
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Formation : Speed
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